Don Mathieson received a clear and direct mandate from God to build a Kingdom Community within the City of Calgary which would produce functional lives that were spiritually healthy. To build a people that were able to stand firm and not be shaken in times of crisis. Our Community demonstrates the willingness to be more Christ-like as we walk together and follow God as He leads us forward in an environment of team and harmony. We are a community of people who love God and who praise and worship Him together in an atmosphere of oneness, harmony and love.

Leadership Bio

Don Mathieson has been the Pastor (Senior Elder) of Mountain View Community since it’s birthing in 2004. Prior to this, he has served faithfully in many aspects of Church ministry and Church leadership over the past thirty years. In addition to his history of leading and working with people, he has 10 years of formal experience as an Associate Pastor, experience building and developing small group ministry, eldership, and extensive teaching & training in both the church and bible college. Over the course of his history in the ministry he has been heavily involved in marriage and pre-marriage Training & skill development and the impartation of biblical patterns to equip couples to build successful marriages. Don is married to Jan, and they have three children and four grandchildren.

History of MountainView Community

In the fall of 2004 Don began his ministry as Pastor leading a Community in NW Calgary. During the initial birthing of this Community God had challenged Don to “search” (Hebrews 11:10) for new and accurate relationships founded on integrity and correct values. This became the first core block on which MountainView Community was established. At the same time God was stirring a deep hunger inside of Don to have more of God than he had previously experienced and this resulted in fervently praying to God asking for more of Him. Inside Don’s heart he carried this burden and there was a continual cry that: “There has to be more than this”.

This is when God responded and set the Community on a new journey. In the searching process Don Mathieson connected with Scott Webster, a connection that would prove to be the beginning of a new direction for the church. Scott delivered a fresh new perspective on what was happening inside the Global Church, and the present move of God; Scott Webster shared with the Community about the Apostolic Reformation and Congress WBN (http://www.congresswbn.org/), and there was an immediate heart connection to this move. “We felt that we had been led to a place of safety and began to discover the fullness of Christ like we had never experienced before.”

This new journey propelled us forward into discovering God, growing into maturity, and the realness of developing relationships founded on integrity. This initial seed birthed in our hearts has now been developed into a lifelong transformation process centered on maturing the Body of Christ. Don and Jan look back on this journey and have the Joy of knowing that “this” is what we were searching for, and this is what God desired of us.

“I felt that God had given us a mandate to build a viable Kingdom Community that lived in and flowed in Apostolic Grace.”
– Don Mathieson

Today when we look back on our journey we see the hand of God upon us that both: led us forward, and protected & guided us to the place He wanted us to be. For this we are truly grateful. At MountianView Community each member, new or existing, is part of this original journey and it is central to our unified direction.